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Each lad was either threatened by the Police' To leave the station or be returned to Medomsley Detention Centre.

Medomsley Abuse Victims:

Reporting of Abuses at Police Stations when liberated. 

To date 14 young lads who were detained at The Medomsley  Detention Centre' During the 1970's and 1980's" Reported  horrific crimes of abuse inflicted against them ! The following sadistic abuses endured:

Sexual Assault • Sodomy • Rape 
Mental Torture • Physical Torture
Physical Assault.

14 Complaints - Not 1" of the Complaints were followed up by the Police Why ?

Each lad was either threatened by the Police' To leave the station or be returned to Medomsley Detention Centre.
Other complaints for reasons only known by the Police were ignored.

These dismissed complaints of the above abuses' Allowed Paedophile's  
Within the centre and out with the centre to continue with they're  Paedophilia lust for young boys.

The first registered complaint was made at Consett Police Station in 1977'
No action was taken and this allowed Prolific Paedophile's Neville Husband and Leslie Johnson and others to carry on abusing hundreds if not thousands of lads for a further
8 years.

I believe in the best interests of Justice ! 
Each of the 14 complaints' must be fully investigated" Police Officers and Constabularies who failed to follow up testimonies from the victims' Must be held accountable and brought to Justice.

Why should they be brought to Justice ?
I believe all are accountable of Perverting the Laws of Justice" 
By allowing the above Paedophile's to continue abusing.

Had Consett Police' carried out a live investigation in 1977" All Predators may well  have been arrested and removed from the centre'Which would have allowed fellow detainees who were still detained and suffering abuse" To give corroborated testimony' to support 1st complaint.

One Police failure to comply with the Law' Could have been put down to paper work error ! 
14 failures to comply with the Law passes incompetence ! 

These failures fall in to Conspiracy to Cover Up' A Network Paedophile Ring by The NE of England's Police Constabularies.

Had Consett Police' carried out they're duty to Protect the Vulnerable   
as Sworn by Oath !

Myself and hundreds if not thousands of fellow Survivors / Victims" Would never have suffered the inhuman abuses carried out against us against our will.

5 of the 14" Complaints were made at Durham Constabulary HQ.

Durham Constabulary:
Are now carrying out they're 3rd Medomsley Abuse Investigation.
( Operation SeaBrook )

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