Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Widnes dad shares his agonising secret

A former WIDNES taxi driver kept an agonising secret for more than 31 years.
It was only when he had children that he decided to reveal the torment that has wrecked his life.

Dad-of-two Raymond Poar, aged 54, has written about the abuse and neglect he endured at the hands of the late Neville Husband, one of the most prolific paedophiles in the UK.

He preyed on boys whilst working at the former Medomsley Detention Centre in County Durham.

He was jailed for 10 years decades after victims fought for justice.

Raymond, of Canterbury Road, Ditton, spent five years wrestling with his traumatic memories to compile a book entitled Shame.

He said: “I cried every day when I was writing it.

“It was an agonising journey.
“I was raped, bound and gagged.
“I chose the title because I felt too ashamed to tell anyone what had happened to me.”

Raymond said he ended up in court at 14 for stealing food because his late parents were unable to look after their eight children.

He said: “There was never any food in the house.

“I loved my mother dearly and I’d do anything to have her back.

“The oldest was 10 when she had eight children. She couldn't cope.”

He was only 17 when he fell prey to Husband whilst working in the borstal kitchens.

Raymond said: “I was young and naive. It was horrendous.

“I have so much anger inside me.”

He received £70,000 compensation but gave it all away.

He said: “It felt wrong. I couldn’t enjoy any of it.”

He tried to take his own life several times.

He has suffered a nervous breakdown and a stroke and is now has epilepsy and is unable to work.

He said he has only survived with support from his wife.

Raymond now wants to raise awareness. He said: “Kids are born with innocence. Parents have got to start taking responsibility.

“Don’t let them end up in care or the judicial system.”

Shame, written under the pseudonym Phil Thomas, is on Amazon Kindle.

“Every single penny is going to help kids who suffer abuse,” said Raymond. “I’m hoping to get it published in paperback.”