Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Statement from The Survivors of Medomsley.


In the heart's of many victims of Medomsley abuse

There is never good or bad news! Just what we know to be true!

Durham have already surpassed all our expectations in relation to Operation
SeaBrook Investigation.

Every individual of the investigation team should be proud for what they have achieved
since 14th August 2013.

Over 1,300 victims have found not only the courage to come forward but also found
trust in Durham Constabulary.

The greatest justice in this, is that Operation SeaBrook has made it their business to ensure
those who went through Medomsley have had support or have been offered support!

Durham police in their dedication to the many victims is testament to the understanding that
their team has had since the beginning of the current investigation!

In many ways this understanding & approach, has been one of the reason why all the victims
have now after many decades found the faith to unburden the tragic offences carried out against them! And this alone has freed them from the shame which we all have carried throughout most of our lives.

This is the process to closure and for those who have already taken up counselling will be well on they're way to rebuilding they're lives.

Those who have chosen not to go to counselling like myself, who make up the remaining 65% have so for different reasons.

There are those, who were not prepared to talk about the past, but felt it should be
the future they should be focusing on.

Though we in no doubt that when the investigation has ended. Some victims will require
professional guidance' and this will be the case for those not attending counselling so far.
The Survivors of Medomsley.